VC Launches Covid Response Sessions

VC has launched following Wellness / Covid Response Session, which can be conducted ITL & by Webinars both….

Embracing the Wellness: Wellness through Lifestyle  Optimization via Diet, Exercising & Mental Fitness.

Instant Self Motivation: Instant Self Motivation Techniques, get a dose of Dopamine whenever needed.

The Great Motivator: Learn select NLP techniques to keep your teem Motivated & Thriving all the times.

Mind over Matter: Become aware of your Mindfulness Level; Games to increase mental and emotional health.

Ordinary to Extra Ordinary: Life Style Management for Women based on Neuroscience for Work-life Blending.

Relaxing into Nothingness: Power Relaxation techniques through Guided Meditation  to connect to the Power of Own Self.

Magic Breathing: Age & Stress Defying Powerful Breathing Techniques for perfect Body Mind Balance.

Parenting in Turbulent Times: Parenting today requires not only heightened communication but also enabling kids to be their own saviors

Do-it-Yourself Mental Wellbeing: Take control of your Mental Fitness. Learn powerful techniques for Self-diagnosis and Self Healing.

Contact VC to get details of the session You are Interested in for your Organization. Details of the session Do-it-Yourself Mental Wellbeing is below…

1.Mind and Body are One System

2.Impact of Mental Wellbeing on Physical Wellbeing

3.Major Mental Wellbeing issue at Work   Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Anxiety, Obesity  and Back And Neck Pain

4.Reasons of Imbalance at Work

5.Mind to Matter : Psychosomatics

6.Learn the Power of Subconscious Mind for Mental Thriving.

7.Using the Power of Subconscious Mind / Self Hypnosis for Mental Wellbeing

8.Hacking into the Brain : Subconscious Reprogramming

9.Optimizing Diet and Nutrition for Mental Fitness

10.Matter to Mind : 3 types of Physical Exercises for Mental Fitness.

11.Meditation as Mind’s Factory-Reset

12.Action Planning