Corporate Training Model @ VC

Corporate Training at VC is based on its proven “Result Assured Corporate Training Model”. Do contact us for a demo to understand the model in detail.
Using HR Analytics and Reverse Engineering for Formulae we make sure that the Results are Assured.

1.Conver Learning Motivation into Habits

2.Memory Anchoring for 2 to 20% for we only remember 2% of what we learnt today

3.10K, 20L, 70S Training Model, 10% Knowledge, 20% Learning, 70% Skill Building

4.High Impact Training through 360 Diagnosis, Diagnosis serves as a GPS during Formative Assessments during the learning journey.

5.Innovative & Engaging Learning Journey ( IDP ) Tools : 20 of them

6.Strategic Merchandize as Learning Reminiscent, We use Neuroplasticity in Learning at its best.

7.Impact Not Measured = Did Not Happen

8.Subconscious Reprogramming – I’d to I’m

9.IDPs as Post-training Learning Continuum – contact us for past case studies

10.Pre-suation to create Eagerness to Learn, Buy-Inn is a major factor in Training ROI, we have out indigenous tool to measure for your employees and increase.

11.The 8th ALP – Entertraining

12.Customized & Individualized Training, yes they are different

13.Training Aligned with your Vision, Mission & Core Values, Watched “Pay-check” ?, we are real good at behavioral reverse engineering.

14.Cost Effective & High ROI using VC’s own “Predictive Training ROI Model” that uses cutting edge HR Analytics.