HR Consulting

How VC Adds Value and brings in Competitive Advantage to its Clients…

Learning Journeys

Motivation > Habit > Assess > PDCA > Reward Tech HR


The One’s those Work

Engagement / Experience

Employees, Spouses, Children, Parents


Performance Mitigating System to Performance Assurance System


Aligned with your Vision & Mission


Validates, Reliable, Customized Benchmarking, Development Plans

Incentive Strategies

Based on Gamification Principles

HR Analytics, Training ROI

Training, Audits, Outsourcing Training Impact Assessment, Predictive Impact

Culture Change

Using Sate of the Art People Techniques.

Tech HR

Consultation, Selection, Implementation, Adoption

Diversity, Inclusion, Belongingness

Even Chaos has Diversity


Any HR / People Need , Idea you may conceive

You would Need VC when you want your People to…

a) Start Thinking / Believing Something

b) Stop Thinking / believing Something

c) Start Doing Something

d) Stop Doing Something

Some of the Past Projects include…