50 HR Training Sessions for Future Ready HR Professionals

VATS Consulting launches training sessions for HR Professionals on 50 Capability Building Topics to make them Future Ready..

  1. Awareness to HR Analytics
  2. Psychometrics For HR
  3. Gamification For HR
  4. Psychology For HR
  5. Anatomy of a Future Ready HR Professional
  6. How To Conduct Impact Assured Trainings With ROI Calculation
  7. PMS To PAS (Performance Assurance System )
  8. Building Predictive ROI Assessment Model For Corporate Trainings
  9. Why And How To Increase Trainee Buy Ins For Corporate Trainings
  10. Diversity To Inclusion To Belongingness
  11. Competency Based L&D
  12. Master Skills For HR
  13. Succession Planning
  14. The Future Of 3Ws – Work, Workplace & Workforce
  15. Tapping The Strength Of Millennial Workforce
  16. Employee Engagement Why And How
  17. Building IDP That Work
  18. Building Strategic Learning Journeys For Your Employees
  19. Building Winning Incentive Strategies
  20. Improving Employee Relations Through Strategic Interventions
  21. How Companies Become “Best Companies To Work For”
  22. Employee Wellness As A Business Case
  23. Emerging Trends: Tech HR
  24. New Age Rewards & Recognition
  25. Attrition And HR Analytics
  26. Scope And Need Of HR Audits
  27. HR Analytics Audit For Your Organization
  28. How To Build A Motivated Workforce
  29. How To Make Recruitment Effective
  30. Re-Defining Competency Based Assessment
  31. Reducing Job Stress
  32. Promoting Happiness At Workplace
  33. How To Create Mentor Mentee Capability In The Organization
  34. Feedback Giving Skills For HR And HODs
  35. Neuroplasticity & HR
  36. Competency Rubric Development
  37. Conditioning & Anchoring – Application Of NLP For HR
  38. Reinforcement Scheduling for Best R&R Strategies
  39. Business Orientation For HR
  40. Understanding Personality Types & Defense Mechanisms
  41. All About Validity & Reliability For HR
  42. Subconscious Reprogramming – Master Tool For HR
  43. Relevance Of Adult Learning Principles For HR
  44. Power Of Habits – A Tool For HR
  45. Pre-Suation And Influencing – Boon For HR
  46. Overlooked Significance Outliers For HR
  47. Using Psychology Of Memory In All HR Processes
  48. Using Learning Cone In HR Processes
  49. TNI At Its Best
  50. HR Competencies In The VUCA World

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