About VATS Consulting

VATS Consulting is the Embodiment of Result Oriented, Research Based, Analytics Driven HR & Sales Consulting

Since 1999 Our Experts are serving our Growth Partners with Cutting Edge Systems, Tools and Technologies.


  • Corporate Training with Impact Assessment
  • TA Consulting / Recruitments
  • Competency Based Training Programs
  • HR Audit
  • HR Analytics Audit, Training, Implementation
  • Competency / Competency Rubric / Competency Framework Development
  • KPI / KRA Development
  • Employee Engagement Survey / 360 / Happiness / Stress Surveys
  • Assessment Centers / Psychometrics
  • Learning Journeys
  • All HR Tech / Software
  • HR Trainings
  • Leadership Pipeline Development
  • Mentoring System Development & Implementation
  • Downsizing Advising
  • Diversity / Inclusion Projects
  • Culture Change / OD
  • Engagement Programs


With 21 years of versatile experience VATS Consulting [ Value Added Training Systems & Consulting ] is carrying out Total Disruptive Innovation in HR Consulting and L&D / Corporate Training. Our strong suit is …

  1. High and Measurable ROI
  2. Result Orientation with Impact Assessment
  3. Equal Efficacy Pan India.

You would need VATS Consulting’s help if ….

1. Your Employees are not Motivated, don’t take initiative, accountability and ownership.

2. PMS has become Performance Mitigating System, it does not Appreciate Performers and Motivate Others.

3. Trainings don’t give desired results, Results are not long lasting. You want to assess the results of Trainings. You need Leadership Pipeline Development.

4. High OR Low Employee Turnover

5. Teams don’t achieve Targets, Sales is low, Chips are down.

6. You are facing Punctuality / Discipline related issues.

7.IR Issues

8. You are facing Low Engagement

9. You want to Implement any technology in HR

10. You need help with HR Analytics

What all VATS Consulting does in HR Consulting & Corporate Training…

1. 360* L&D Interventions : Corporate Training TNA, Diagnostics, Designing, Implementation, Post implementation, Impact Analysis and Impact Assurance.

2. Leadership Development – Bench-marking, Assessment, Development, Coaching, Mentoring.

3. Develop PMSs that Rewards the Performers and Motivates the Others.

4. Incentive Strategies – Designing Incentive structures to Enhance ROI, Boost Motivation and Reinforce Sales of Strategic Products / Services.

5. Develop HR Policies for Start-ups and Small to Medium Enterprises.

6. Help reinforce Business Partnership in HR and other Functions.

7. Psychometrics and Assessment Centers

8. Consulting on Diversity.

9. HR Tech Consulting / Implementation.

VATS Consulting Forte…

PAN India Presence
VC Has Its Own Experts In All Metros And Almost All Relevant
Cities In India.

If You Didn’t Measure it, It didn’t Happen
High ROI, Measurable Results, Impact Assessment And Predictive
Impact With Analytics.

Quality Assurance
VC Assures Quality Delivery In Its Projects By Infusing Validity &
Reliability Through In-depth Diagnosis And PDCA.

Tech & R&D
VC has been continuously introducing cutting edge tech and R&D
to Corporate and in its interventions. HR Analytics Course

VC’s Journey

Vats Consulting Growth Journey

Awards and Recognition

VC has won dozens of Awards for its HR Interventions
VC Founder Vikas Vats Is the Most Sought After KeyNote Speaker in HR Conferences Pan India

Visit VC Founder Here…